About Us

You Have Our Word 💫

We believe that statement pieces should be effortlessly and affordably available to everyone. Many home decor shops are highly-priced and cater to only the minimalistic types of themed houses - That's why Lexxahome is changing that with our unique pieces priced below $50.

We have always believed in giving back. We aim to share the small business experience with our customers through personalised service and attention to detail in all packages. At the same time, we donate 5% of our sales to Habitat for Humanity Singapore. 


Origin 👩

Hello, I'm Kels, and I'm a one-woman show behind the scenes of Lexxahome. When I was young, I loved exploring different home decor styles with unique pieces. However, I soon realised that most unique pieces were not readily available and were very overpriced. So it became my dream to make a change.

Many people around me didn't believe that a business should give back to the community and that it would be unwise and unprofitable to do so. Let's change that! If we're lucky enough to afford home decor, we should help others have a good roof over their heads. 

I was thinking of a name for this little dream of mine, and someone at home called out for Alexa and voila, lexxahome got its name!